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The Sudanese Patriots who established  Umma Party in Feb 1945 as the fist Popular Political Party, aimed at attaining the countrys independence from the Condominium Reign. The Umma Party is the Party of Sudanese Independence. It championed that cause until it became the basis for Sudanese consensus in 1955. (The country's Independence was announced in 1st Jan 1956)


Imam Al Sadig Al Mahdi

Elected President of

Umma Party, April 2003


 It bore the brunt of opposition to all the Dictatorial Regimes, which came to power through coup detat. It drew the largest electoral votes in all the free General elections, which took place in the Sudan. It masterminded all the initiatives to arrive at a Great Compromise between North and South. It initiated the principle of making citizenship the basis for Constitutional Rights, the recognition of Religious and Cultural plurality in the Sudan, and a program to resolve the issues of Religion and Politics, Religion and State, on a basis which reconciles National unity and Religious loyalties.

Currently the Umma Party is championing the cause of a negotiated Just Peace, and Democratic Transformation and so putting an end to the War and to Totalitarianism.


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